Backyards Rabe

Fakten, Fakten, Fakten!

We have given this week everything to complete the Parkline. The Parkrun is now almost complete, it is a little improvised but with the next snow is still something.

Here are the facts:

Top: small skaterail, small downrail, up-down box combo, small bench with cooping and a downrail, on the side there is still a small jump.

Middle section: 8m Downrail, 10m Stepup, Jibbox, 8m Downstepbox, small Hipjump, 6m Downrail, two 6m Pipes on small quarters, Londongap to 8m downpipe, 6m up Riffelrohr, 6m Curvedrail, again two Jibboxen.

Lower section: 16m or 12m Jump, 14m Jump, dead tree Hipjump, Spine or Donkeydownrail or Wall to Donkeydownrail, 11m Doublekinkedrail, 8m Downpipe, 6m Elbowtanks.

Kids Park: 5m Jump, 4m Jump, Funbox, Miniwave with Jump, small Rainbowbox, 8m Stepdownflatbox, Jibbox.

So that would be the moment. We stay on course and will be depending on the snowy the park to improve accordingly and further build.

The whole crew wishes you a lot of fun with shredding. Cheers!

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